Cul-De-Sac Recommends: Playlists

There's no doubt that music can soothe negative emotions and can even come to define certain periods in our lives.
For our team, this time has been one of rediscovery. We've been grappling with the new realities of our current work-from-home set-up, as well as a migration of all those things we used to do outside that have now been stationed indoors.
We're sharing several of our Spotify playlists that we hope will bring you as much enjoyment and relief during this stay-at-home period.
Slow down, reminisce, write a novel, do a headstand, feed the turtle. We're currently unoccupied, and the tunes are spinning over and over.

Take it easy, enjoy every bit of the process. Tune in to this playlist whether you're getting ready to start work (from home or not), to do a grocery run, to get back to your passion project or to do absolutely nothing.

Chill out to these tracks that are reminiscent of your last fashion holiday.
Cul-De-Sac Recommends: Playlists